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Freddy Pedersen

--- 1991 Monte Carlo

--- 1995 Monte Carlo

--- 1997 Monte Carlo

--- 1998 ERC

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Type: Opel Kadett GSi 16V
Drivers: Jens Mulvad, Freddy Pedersen
Race: 1991 Rally Monte Carlo
Result: Retired


Rally Monte Carlo 1991 was the first World Championship rally for Freddy Pedersen. He and Jens Mulvad were closing in at a finish among the 20 best, but at the final night they swiped a mountain side and the Kadett did not get any further, so they never reached the finish in Monte Carlo.

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Manufacturer: RA43
Model ID: ---

The kit has to be modified slightly to build a correct model of Jens Mulvad and Freddy Pedersens car. The kit has extra headlight moulded into the bumper, but at Mulvads car the extra lighting was mounted on top of the bonnet, when they were in use. © 2007