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Type: Toyota Celica GT4
Drivers: Henrik Lundgaard, Freddy Pedersen
Race: 1997 Rally Monte Carlo
Result: Number 6


This car - and the event - has a special place in my memory. At the Rallye Monte Carlo 1997 I had a special moment that I still remember.

Rallye Monte Carlo was the first rally Henrik Lundgaard and Freddy Pedersen drove in their brand new Toyota Celica GT4. Thus it was not unexpected, that they were a little carefull. But it did not last long before they were confident in the car and at the final day of the rally they were heading towards the best Danish Monte Carlo result ever.

Not only that - they had a chance to score a point for the World Championship. No Danes had ever done that before so it would be a fantastic result - at least for us Danes. I was present at the rally together with a Danish TV-crew following Henrik Lundgaard and that meant I could follow the final stage trackside at the GP-track in Monaco.

Only a few seconds separated Henrik and the Swiss driver Oliver Burri in their fight for the World Championship point for 6th place. I remember clearly standing next to the swimming-pool at the harbour crossing my fingers for Henrik and Freddy. I - almost - did not care for the World Championship point, as long as they reached the finish. 6th or 7th - it was still by far the best Danish result ever. But Henrik and Freddy did care! The Celica war virtually thrown through my corner and for a short moment it seemed as if it was heading straight for the harbour. My heart stopped briefly, but Henrik was in control and the car was already gone heading for the chequered flag. Henrik and Freddy beat Burri at this stage and they got their World Championship point.

This short moment I will never forget. It is very high on my list of memorable motorsport moments.

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Model ID: ---

It was pure luck, I found this model. I was spectating a touring car race at the Swedish track Ring Knutstorp in 2003 when a friend told me, that at one of the merchandise stands he had seen a model of a Henrik Lundgaard rallycar.

The Pepsi-Corolla had just been release, so I did not pay much attention. But anyway I went to the stand to have a look. Guess my surprise when I discovered this Monte Carlo Celica, which - as far as I know - must be a conversion of another model. As an extra bonus I bought it for just 25,- EUR - yes, I was a happy man.

Since then I have tried to locate decals for producing this conversion, but until now without succes. None of the decal manufactures I know offer decals for this livery in the scale 1:43. The decals have a few mistakes. The national flags at the car are not Danish. The cross is yellow where it should be white. And the spelling of the sponsor "J.P.DISTRIBUTION" is incorrect. CB Com offers a transkit for this car with those small mistakes at the decalsheet - but in the scale 1:24. I have not located a CB Com sheet in 1:43, but my guess is, that it must be such a sheet that has been used for this model. © 2007