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Freddy Pedersen

--- 1991 Monte Carlo

--- 1995 Monte Carlo

--- 1997 Monte Carlo

--- 1998 ERC

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Type: Toyota Celica GT-Four / Toyota Corolla WRC
Drivers: Henrik Lundgaard, Freddy Pedersen
Race: 1998 European Rally Championship (2 rallies)
Result: Number 2 (Hautes Fagnes) / Retired (Ypres)


Freddy Pedersen participated in a few ERC-rallies in 1998 together with Henrik Lundgaard. They did not have a proper ERC-campaign as the Danish Championship had priority. However the ERC-rallies were fitted into the calendar to gain international experience.

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Henrik Lundgaard and Freddy Pedersen drove a Celica with a - seen with Danish eyes - highly unusual livery in the Belgian Rallye des Haute Fagnes. Their car were decorated in Marlboros caracteristic livery, which was not allowed in Danish rallies.

The two Danes should act as backup for the Belgian, Freddy Loix, who drove a new Corolla WRC for the Marlboro team. If anything went wrong for Loix, Henrik and Freddy should make sure that a Marlboro car finished at the top of the podium. And they did a good job. However, the Corolla did not fail, so Loix won with Henrik/Freddy as a safe second.

This model has a special place in my collection. I was present at the rally myself taking photographs and afterwards I experimented a bit with uploading copies to the - then very new - internet. The led to Henrik Lundgaard contacting me and together we created a website for him, which I managed for the following 10 years. © 2007