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Ninco - with Slot-it rearend.

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Peugeot 306

Peugeot 306

This is an old classic in my collection of cars. The small Peugeot was one of the first cars, that I bought. Not for a special purpose - just because I liked it. But since then it has destined to a specific race that runs once a year: "The legendary Christmas Race at Tr√¶lasten". Always the 27th of December and always in the garage at one of my friends, Jan H√łgfeldt. Even though it - due to a very time consuming rebuilding of his track - has been necessary to run the race at other tracks for some years now.

The small and agile Peugeot was excellent in the early races, where Jans track was nothing more than a slightly streched figure of 8. That track suited the Peugeot like a hand in a glove. The engine of the car is no rocket, but the handling in the tight cornes was perfect - something I think is due to an aftermounted Slot-it rearend. But when we went to larger tracks for the race I had to face loosing out at the straights and I decided to call it a day for the Peugeot.

But my friends insisted that the small car has become a vital part of the Christmas race. I suspect that their enthusiasm for the car has something to do with it being rather slow, but then again: It is up to me to improve upon that - or hope for a return to the garage once in the future.

During the years the Peugeot has changed its livery several times. For the moment it is just plain white, waiting for me to get a good idea.

Peugeot 306

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